Bellydance outfit

Look at these, how beautiful…and even better of course together with the music and bellydance. It’s such a seductive and yet charming combo! I’m so happy we started the classes and it’s obviously a great workout too (and because inside I really laugh, it’s so nice but then I’m reminded I’m in a studio at the spa and not in Marrakesh or similar)


Le Meridien Spa


Today I’m going to what I would call my 2nd home since I spend every single day there, but today for a facial and sauna time instead of workout.

I have my gym there, my classes and the pool/jacuzzi/spa/sauna area and trust me there is no better place!

Next week we start the Bellydancing classes which will be soo much fun, I have to dig out some suitable scarf to wrap around the hips…

Enjoy your day!



Good morning everyone, today is Aidens first day of school, year 3 already. They have such a long summer holiday here so it was understandable that he was nervous this morning. He calmed down a bit when we arrived at school and he met all his friends and it turned out they were just as nervous hehe. I’m sure they’ll be ok as soon as they get inside and gets started. I stayed a bit longer just to check out all the other mum’s, they look so funny with their housewife-in tracksuit-red hair and bling bling style hihi

After I dropped him off I went straight to the gym for 1 hr and now I’m trying to have a coffee and stop sweating. It was really a big difference going to the gym in the morning instead of afternoon, somehow I had a lot more energy and I’m 100% sure it makes you more alert during the day as well. Obviously I didn’t have time to go in the morning before but without my old job all these things I wanted to do are now possible. The morning gym was one of them 😉

Hope you all have  a  nice day x



Miss lazy

Since I suffered a lot from anxiety lately I’ve been mainly focusing on relaxing now, taking my mind away from negative places and people and doing what I can to get back to my normal self.  After a while all that relaxing turns in to laziness which is something I don’t like at all so, finally I got my gym membership renewed so tomorrow no more miss lazy ;o) 

The gym is a definitely a place where all the bad and negative energy goes away, far far away.