Good morning little birds. I’m clearly desperate to travel right now…thoughts of cities and beaches, churches and piazzas, different types of food and landscapes are swirling around in my head like leaves on a windy day. Whenever I do something creative it always reflects my current mood, so today this is what came to mind…NYC and flowers! I couldn’t choose between city or nature so let’s mix them up!

NYC flowers by lenahcaruana on Polyvore featuring art, Flowers, stars and concrete:

Taschen books

Good morning, Im having a coffee and browsing through one of my favourite Taschen books hoping to find some inspiration for our ultra white and empty walls buuu…..Taschen Mexico is a beautiful book and I love the style so we’ll see how much luck I’ll have finding something similar around the shops here. Hmm. You know I love all the Taschen books (yes even the one of big boobs ;)) so I’m kinda seeing it as my style bible.  Or general inspiration for interiors, trips, hotels, food etc. You have a favourite?