We’re back home:( Uff. I wanted to stay another day to be able to enjoy the yammi hotel breakfast and the beautiful people you see all over the city ūüėČ and the shops – I was like a lost puppy roaming around the streets and piazzas. Also, we ate quite a lot. And drank wine. The Shiseido Spa was a massive highlight though. I love their products and use them a lot, so it was quite an amazing experience to enjoy a facial in their newly opened spa. Everything was done to perfection, the salon, the therapists, the ‘relaxing room’ where we were treated to biscuits and tea after the treatment. It was especially nice to hydrate the face after a flight. Highly recommended.

Another place I can recommend is the restaurant and bar by Replay (jeans), called ‘The Stage’. If you want to feel like you’re in a movie scene, this is the place. Or, if you simply want to indulge in amazing food and drinks.

Milan feels like a very young, stylish and energetic city. We’ve been to Rome several times and I love it for its beauty and atmosphere, but Milan is the obvious choice if you want to shop, party or simply feel inspired and energized.

So, as much as I enjoyed it and wanted to stay, it’s always a nice feeling to come home to my little Bobo








IMG_9271 (1)

Right now I’m just chillin’ at home because we came home late last night and this morning I had a yoga class. Also went for a long power-walk. We also walked a lot¬†in Milan, so my legs are super tired, but in a nice way ūüėČ


beautiful moments

We had a great time in Sicily, quite an adventure :) We did the usual stuff, you know, eating our way through Sicilian pizzas and admiring the scenic landscape of Cefalu etc….but I still think the most laughable part was escaping a ‘wrongly’ booked B&B in Syracuse right after checking in from what we thought was going to be a cute little inn (although we never booked anything like it) only to find out all the advertising was insanely wrong. It was basically a far from cute place and we didn’t even give it a chance, so within the hour we ran past the owner of the place and dragged all our suitcases back to the car and checked in at a 4 star hotel around the corner. It was a nice hotel but after the other shaft it felt like luxury heaven ūüėČ

Sicily feels a bit like travelling back in time but it was a well needed break and I’ve re-charged my batteries and it was nice to spend quality time with my boys <3



bella italia

We are back in Malta again after 4 hectic but amazing days in Perugia and Rome. The wedding was beautiful, just like you see it in movies, and the reception at Villa Taticchi was fun with loads and loads of great food, I mean, you can’t¬†not¬†eat well and alot when in Italy. They just don’t know how to make bad food. Everything tastes fantastic.

I hope the bride and groom enjoyed it too, everything went well and even the weather was ok. Not summer, but we expected rain, so all in all it was very nice.

Today I feel like I need to sleep for 2 days straight, but instead I went to the gym and worked extra hard, need to find my routine again. Have a nice week everyone xx

Cosy cosy Perugia fireplace 


The bride arrives at the square in Perugia

photo 1 (3)




Again...I'm finding the Taschen coffee table books so stunning and inspiring. I have these two in mind for the next Taschen search and Italy because, well, it's Italy and there's no country I'm obsessed with more (ok Malta hehe but as first runner up) and Audrey Hepburn because watching two of her movies in the past week reminded me of her beauty and of her talent as an actress. I love her quirky, weird style not to mention her figure and how she can pull off such stylish clothes. Timeless as I said.

Audrey Hepburn, a timeless beauty.

Back in town

We had such a beautiful, romantic and inspiring weekend in Rome. Why hasn’t anyone told me about this place before?¬† That was my thought several times during the visit. I know it’s a touristic place,¬†I know¬†about the good food and the many beautiful buildings, history¬†and surroundings. I’ve also heard it’s expensive. But why have I never heard about the harmony and magical atmosphere before?! Is it just us?

We love it, completaly fell in love with every single street and place we went.

And guess what? We went to all the the places I thought we would¬†ignore and say ¬†‘naah let’s have a coffee instead’

Colosseum, Pantheon, The Vatican, St Peters church, Spanish piazza, Fontana de Trevi and so on

I’ve been to many other places in Italy before and as much as we love Florence for example I would give Rome one extra star.