I've noticed that some people like to treat themselves to an extra chocolate bar or sweets of some kind when they feel a little down for some reason but my remedy to feeling blue is buying something which I don't need but find attractive. Yesterday Jonas had to go abroad for work and I missed him as soon as the taxi drove out of sight and we had a really nice weekend so it was a typical moment of it's ok, buy something pointless and cheer upSo I did. Me and Aiden went for a walk to Sliema and most shops were open and lots of people around enjoying the beautiful weather.

We had a look at Womens'Secret and Aiden saw these knee socks and told me 'mum since you like earth colors you should get these socks' - and my little man is right. I like them but don't really know what to do with them....guess I wear them under my boots for now :o)