L’Occitane perfume summer 2013


L'occitane is now promoting their new scents and I saw them in the window display in Valencia but didn't feel like going back in the store since I had already spent an embarrassing amount of time in there, so I'm thinking Next stop Romethat's when I'll try them and see which one I prefer. Any reason to visit their shops, just love them. 

"Introducing La Collection de Grasse, the exclusive fragrance collection that unites the most precious and sometimes unexpected ingredients from lands near and far.  Developed by L’OCCITANE’s private perfumer, Karine Dubreil"



L’Occitane Angelica


These products have really helped me regain some kind of hydration after eating a whole bunch of decongestion pills against sinus problems. The stronger they are, the more they cause dryness and to some extremes!! At one point I could have been mistaken for someone lost in the desert. Anyway, the Angelica series from L'Occitane are great and smells of spring. The gel cleanser leaves the skin clean without feeling dry and the toner hydrates and gives the face an over-all look that gives the impression that you've had enough coffee and you're ready to go out! The cream is light which is just what you need after the toner.


"Made with organic angelica from the Drome region of France, the fresh and silky smooth Angelica Hydration Cream efficiently moisturises and revitalises the skin. 
L'OCCITANE's patented angelica complex reinforces natural skin hydration by stimulating aquaporines, improves skin elasticity and protects from free radicals. 
Skin is plumped, smoothed and more radiant"


L’Occitane shower oil vs Nivea shower oil


Almond Shower Oil

If you try shower oils, which are actually great in winter when your body is more prone to dryness, you might think they share some kind of similarity when it comes to feel and fragrance. I tried these two lately -  L'occitane shower oil made my skin super smooth and soft, it has a luxury almond scent and it transforms into a light foam while the Nivea has a bitter smell and felt mostly sticky.

I would not say Nivea was the less liked one because it comes at a cheaper price, Nivea has plenty of good products, but in this case L'occitane won (at least in my opinion).

The best thing is to not look at the price tag, and instead work your way through the massive amount of products and see what you like. I usually prefer brands which focus on one kind of range or niche. I don't see why expensive brands like Dior would be better at skin care compared to a more affordable brand such as Decleor (with focus on skincare only). My point is that I trust 'pure' brands mostly. If Decleor starts making bags etc I would start to wonder a bit. With that said, I've tried several Dior skin care products and found them good, however not as satisfying as the price suggests.

What do you think?



Night time beauty care

Today when I was at the hairdresser I was flicking through a magazine and there was this article about how we spend so much time taking care of ourselves during the day but when the night comes we apply a night cream on the face and pretty much falls asleep.  The article was mainly focusing on night time hair care but I was thinking it should be the same all over our body and mind for a peaceful and rejuveniting sleep.

At night when we sleep the body is relaxed and responds to products  in a different way than during the day, so it’s important to use products specifically made for the night.  Apart from facial creams you can also benefit from these little helpers, as I’m quite sure we all feel better when we wake up feeling rested and closer to that camera ready look than with a gloomy face.

Molton Brown Sleep Cedrus Body Oil (helps the body to relax and hydrate)

sleep - cedrus body oil

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

Leaves skin hydrated, clear and shine/oil free

Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment - Moisturisers

Spasilk 100% Pure Silk Facial Beauty Pillowcase

Using a silk pillow case will help you reduce wrinkles, prevent spots and does not damage your hair while sleeping as oppose to pillow cases which has been dyed and  treated with other chemicals

L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

With shea butter, lavender essential oils and anti inflammatory arnica extract it’s the perfect foot cream to apply after a shower to sooth tired feet after a long day



Phytospecific Ultra-Repair Night Treatment

Use on dry hair before going to bed and leave overnight. Specifically for hair damaged by daily use of blow drying, straightening and colored hair.