make up store treats

Adding a few treats during winter is somehow a bigger deal than during summer, it lifts you up for some reason. God knows how much I passionately hate winter, I wish I could escape any place where temp drops under 28+ but so far I haven’t managed. Anyway, the thing is, I’m desperate to fill the absence of warm sunny days with beautiful things, preferably things with very high cuteness-alert.

Well, I added the 3 x concealer to my make-up bag because it does make a difference applying some lightness under those tired eyes despite trying to remain ‘natural’ during this effing few months, but the below products would help just for the sake of smelling nice, adding color to the bathroom shelves, nails and not to mention the pale cheeks.

make up store



Make Up store


I'm happy that Make Up Store made its way over to Malta. I love the bright colors against the black and the products I've tried, for example eye shadow, blushers etc have all been good. I've bought my stuff from M.U.S while in Sweden for holidays and will surely stock up on some more products :)

The staff in the Malta store (The Point shopping mall, Tigne Point) seemed very eager to help, hopefully it wasn't just a 'we-just-opened' kind of enthusiasm.

Here are some gorgeous things to add to your Xmas wish list or just go get it yourself ;o)



Glitter eye shadow, lip gloss, nail polish, body mist, make up bag