Marbella was beautiful as always. The last time we went, few weeks ago, I literally did nothing. Just stayed near our apartment, in the pool for hours and went for long walks. (J obviously played tennis and Aiden was carspotting)

I love the contrast from Malta, green lush areas and a different type of lifestyle that we really click with. It doesn’t have a strong ‘personality’ the way Malta has though, so I love going back and forth to get the best of both worlds.

Oh – I can really recommend Breathe, go to the rooftop bar and enjoy the view and a beautiful cocktail!


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When the heatwave arrives…

..and you still feel coffee is the only answer. Yes, even in the heat, my morning coffee is obligatory. Is it the coffee though, or simply a programmed habit? :)

I actually wrote a post about breaking the caffeine habit, the withdrawal symptoms and so on.

I’ve been there so I know it’s actually a habit you can break. But then again. The morning smell of coffee is too good to miss out on 😉




Mint for spring

Oh my God how windy Malta is today…almost flew away at one point during my power walk. Anyway, I spent the morning in Mosta fixing my nails 😉 I’m very happy with the colour and length, and they generally needed some proper TLC. The colour is mint + 2 of the nails are gold. Very spring, pastel happy colours!

Tonight I have the first lesson of my 16 week design course. Wish me luck.

Hope you all have a happy weekend x



Detox juicin’

So yesterday we had a Netflix and wine kind of evening, and a little too late my driving instructor texted me asking if I could do an extra lesson today, as I really need the final ‘touches’ before doing the test…I said yes and now I kind of wish I didn’t. Not because of the wine but it’s Friday and I had some other plans as well. It’s funny how the mind works tho…I really really want to get this whole thing over and done with, it’s been like a year of practising on and off (my instructor has days where he just don’t ‘go to work‘, which means I sometimes have weeks of not driving) but as much as I want it, every lesson is accompanied with a dose of anxiety.

On another note, today I’m applying for a course in interior & design. Will keep you posted, I’m sure it’ll be fun, I always wanted to do something ‘real’ with my creativity, but never really found the right thing. Malta is sometimes a little limited, so fingers crossed about this one!

My morning detox juice, doesn’t it look so tempting! Love it – carrot, apples and lots of ginger!



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This is so weird, I don't think I ever wore a jacket of any kind in June? In Malta that is. The air was hotter in early spring actually. Like, we did the photoshoot for Sprachcaffe in April and it was hot. Hmm..

I don't mind a little cool air anyway coz  that horrible 40+ heat is not any better, we've already booked tickets for Sweden in August ;)


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Weekend break @ Comino


We had such a great time, it was like being plugged into an energy charger :) Aiden had the time of his life with all the other kids and they played tennis, jumped in the pool and enjoyed the food etc. Same for us, and we went hiking around the whole island (which doesn't really take that long haha) and the weather was great, hot enough. It felt like we were far away from home but door to door from our house to the hotel incl car and boat trip, it took no more than 1½ hr. 

Blue Lagoon is amazingly beautiful, especially early morning before boats and people start to show up, it's so calm and serene. Sometimes that's all you need; sea, blue sky, sun and a bit of quiet. No laptops, internet access, barely mobile recepetion. Very peaceful and well needed.

I guess the pics speak for themselves ;)




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Had a nice day today, really hot for sure. Jonas had the day off so we went up north for lunch near Golden Sands. We've been having a 'low' for a few days for reasons I don't feel like bringing up, but if I have to see anything good in all this, it would be realising that how other people behave and how they decide to live their lives shouldn't effect us in any way, we're strong as we are. Alone together so to speak. I know it's pointless writing a post with a sort of half hearted message, but it's for selfish reasons, just feel like getting things off my chest.

Tomorrow morning we're off to Comino :) will be fun, and I got a perfect set from Vichy to help me pack light ;)

Lunch at Golden Sands (it looks cloudy and chilly on the pic but it was the total opposite) and beer/coffees at Presidents Garden with Teta and Nate


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Lindt Dark Chocolate a Touch of Sea Salt


This one is soo good. I love the mix of dark chocolate and sea salt, unfortunately we cannot find it here in Malta, so we try to stock up when we go abroad hehe. Actually what was even better was Jonas mum's home-made dark chocolate fudge with sea salt, she sent us a box for Christmas and it was meant to be for everyone but we ate them all in like 3 days ;o)

Dark chocolate has a lot of health benefits so don't feel bad:)