We had a great time in Spain, Marbella is gorgeous and can’t wait til we go back :)

What impressed me most was the nature and the beautiful mountains. The sea is something I cannot live without, but since we live next to it here in Malta, I paid more attention to other surroundings. Hearing Spanish all the time didn’t exactly hurt either 😉



IMG_9824 (1)

Next stop Marbella

This time next week, we’ll be on our way to Marbella Spain! I’m very excited because I’ve never been there and we are staying for 5 days so that should leave us some time to get to know the city a bit. Aiden is set on spending most of the time car-spotting but I think I’m leaning more towards enjoying the Spanish nature and maybe do a bit of shopping. This trip is part work part holiday so we’ll mix it up as much as we can 😉

Check back to see our thoughts of the place!