Happy weekend!

TGIF, was a long and emotional week in so many ways. Had to pick up a magazine and prepare a massive cup of coffee to lift my energy this morning. Feeling better now thanks to some happy R&B and bachata music and also managed to book a driving lesson in the last minute! Anyway, stay away from negativity and listen to yourself only..


Tiny update; we managed to misunderstand each other so the driving lesson was postponed, I waited to be picked up outside for about 15 mins until we realised it was a mix up of days….anyway, while waiting I stopped a young boy from rushing out in the street to look for his mum who was at the veg van on the other side….so, I kinda saved a kid. Always something…. 😉



Travel in Style


I love to travel but the part where you actually need to travel is not the most glorious moment; I'm not a plane person. I feel scared and claustrophobic to the point where I would much rather be on a boat on stormy seas. What helps though are the small things I pack to keep me happier on the flight, things like magazines, books, travel beauty kits etc. I don't think I actually read or use anything, it's just something to fiddle with and it's one of those 'I'm so happy to be a girl' moments. Boys bring psp games and boring car or sports magazines....

What's do you bring to distract you on a long flight? Except for good company of course! (Although I doubt I'm much of a good company myself haha...I look like I'm about to have a nervous breakdown any second)

One thing I've learned is that a glass of wine to calm the nerves is not a good option. Sure it keeps me tired and sleepy throughout the flight but the feeling stays for the whole day and that should be avoided.  

Any suggestions what do to when the travel kit is no longer interesting, I'm still uncomfortable and we're still up in the clouds?!


Raspberry Pink Peony PocketBac - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works

Marie Claire outfit 911

I was just saying to J this morning while browsing through some magz that I really prefer Marie Claire to a lot of the other ones and just now I saw this Marie Claire outfit 911

I’m actually considering it…I mean I’m always in front of my wardrobe thinking…ehm..where are all the clothes? They’re all in there but they don’t seem to match or fit. Ok fine not everyday, but you know, the bad ones. Maybe this book would help, it’s like a style guide and loaded with inspiration and ideas of what to buy and what to ignore in order to have a overall matching wardrobe. Hmm?