MedAsia Playa


Last night we had dinner at MedAsia Playa, the lido version near Qui-Si-Sana in Sliema. When we arrived the waitress asked if we came for the fashion show which was meant to take place by the pool later on. We said no and were seated further in.

Thing is, we could still see them practising and thank God we didn't go for the sake of fashion!

The models, I'm sorry for being bitchy, looked like random people they'd asked 5 mins earlier. None was particularly slim, tall or had good skin. I just feel like, if I go to see a show of some kind, I want to feel like the ones on stage are really good and inspiring, not the way it was yesterday. I couldn't tell the models from the guests.

There are slim, good-looking women in Malta, both maltese and foreigners. Actually, most of the female dinner-guests looked better. That's weird right?

I have the right to an opinion about this, just like everyone has an opinion, negative or positive, about other art-related things going on, like a band playing at a concert or a painting in an art gallery. 

Anyway, the food was good and the view is amazing, perfect place for a summer eve dinner :)