L’Occitane shower oil vs Nivea shower oil


Almond Shower Oil

If you try shower oils, which are actually great in winter when your body is more prone to dryness, you might think they share some kind of similarity when it comes to feel and fragrance. I tried these two lately. L'occitane shower oil made my skin super smooth and soft, it has a luxury almond scent and it transforms into a light foam while the Nivea has a bitter smell and felt mostly sticky.

I would not say Nivea was the less liked one because it comes at a cheaper price, Nivea has plenty of good products but in this case L'occitane won (at least in my opinion) so best thing is not always to look at the price tag instead work your way through the massive amount of products and see what you like. I usually prefer brands which focus on one kind of range. I don't see why expensive brands like Dior would be better at skin care compared to a more affordable brand such as Decleor which focus on skincare only. My point is that I trust 'pure' brands mostly. If Decleor starts making bags etc I would start to wonder a bit. With this said I've tried several Dior skin care products and found them good, however not as satisfying as the price suggests.

What do you think?