bella italia

We are back in Malta again after 4 hectic but amazing days in Perugia and Rome. The wedding was beautiful, just like you see it in movies, and the reception at Villa Taticchi was fun with loads and loads of great food, I mean, you can’t not eat well and alot when in Italy. They just don’t know how to make bad food. Everything tastes fantastic.

I hope the bride and groom enjoyed it too, everything went well and even the weather was ok. Not summer, but we expected rain, so all in all it was very nice.

Today I feel like I need to sleep for 2 days straight, but instead I went to the gym and worked extra hard, need to find my routine again. Have a nice week everyone xx

Cosy cosy Perugia fireplace 


The bride arrives at the square in Perugia

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Rome update


We had an amazing time as always, and Aiden had no trouble at all adjusting to the Roman lifestyle ;)

You'd think bringing a 9 year old kid to a buzzing city might be less relaxing than being alone, but he's so funny and weird this little boy of mine haha. He made us laugh so much, and on the first evening he went outside the restaurant where we've been a few times by now, and found a british young couple who started talking to him, and before we knew it he was sitting with them, chatting and entertaining them haha. So, we still got some alone-time..

We did all the tourist sites all over again and walked til our feet started bleeding, literally, but there's always a beautiful piazza to stop at, have a glass of bubbles and some snacks. In Rome there's never a dull moment, and never fails to show off all the beauty. My favourite place in the world. No, I haven't been everywhere but I doubt I'll feel so much at home as I do there.

Now we're back in Malta and it's hot. And dusty. Coz somehow we managed to book like 3 workmen for the same day so the house is a mess, like a construction site uff.




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This time tomorrow we'll be in Rome again, it's starting to feel like visiting a good friend, or see something you've longed for. Which I did. Can't wait to visit the most beautiful city again. The fact that  the religion can be felt everywhere, that the Romans appreciate beauty and gives you a look of approval when you dress up and go out for dinner, those things makes me love the place more than other places I've been. Well, not to mention the history, amazing buildings, food etc etc

Back to packing, see you soon ;)




L’Occitane perfume summer 2013


L'occitane is now promoting their new scents and I saw them in the window display in Valencia but didn't feel like going back in the store since I had already spent an embarrassing amount of time in there, so I'm thinking Next stop Romethat's when I'll try them and see which one I prefer. Any reason to visit their shops, just love them. 

"Introducing La Collection de Grasse, the exclusive fragrance collection that unites the most precious and sometimes unexpected ingredients from lands near and far.  Developed by L’OCCITANE’s private perfumer, Karine Dubreil"



As the Romans do

I’m back home now, Rome was amazing. Already planning a next trip.. Tennis event was really fun, never thought I would actually enjoy sitting through almost 3 games haha. I finally got it now, so funny to admit that I never really got the score system so understanding it and watching the top players play live was totally different from watching a match on tv or hear J going on and on about how amazing they are….Yes. I get it now. I’m going back to finish the book by Nadal I had started some months ago…and also care a little extra about the final today. Rome was rainy yesterday when we left so it was postponed.

Apart from tennis we did most things the Roman way. Our way. Espresso, wine, pizza, pasta, ice cream, strolling around the narrow streets and a quick stop at the Vatican for a little prayer.

The first pic is from the celeb popular restaurant Antica Pesa. Really cool, the atmosphere was unlike any other place I’ve eaten at, the waiters were like a group of naughty school boys playing tricks with everyone who walked in. Really made us laugh…Serena Williams had stopped by for dinner 2 days earlier but you know, I’ve kinda broken my non-celeb-spotting spell now since I got to see her at the tennis event + Nadal and other top players. So..I was just fine with that!






Today I’m so tired, me & M went out for some wine last night and it wasn’t that much but man…I feel so useless right now. Jamie, or Pheebs as we call her (yes she reminds us of Friends character Phoebe) came over this morning for coffees and thank god coz otherwise I would have slept through the day which I really hate. Right now I took Aiden for his first Scout Group meeting, we’ll see what he says later, might like it and might not, but I have to let him try different things in life.

Anyway, I don’t think I mentioned it here but we, me & Jonas, booked another trip to our dear Rome. It’s not until May but I can’t wait. It’s for his 30th b’day (well that’s next month but…for the sake of it) and we’ve already got tickets for the big tennis tournament which will be held there that weekend, so I hope it will be a massive social event going on around the city ;0)



Dolce & Gabbana new Velvet Collection

Dolce & Gabbana Launches The Velvet Collection

The Velvet Collection is the first fragrance collection by Dolce & Gabbana and features six limited edition fragrances, each one inspired by the heritage of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. You find them at Saks Fifth Avenue stores @ 195$

With that price I’d rather by a return ticket to Rome for a nice weekend break but hey….maybe put one down as a Christmas wish from Santa? Or might as well wish for all six… ;o)

Also…what do they call Anthology of scents if not a collection? Series? I just assumed it was a collection.

These are inspired by Tarot cards

Post holiday blues

Morning everyone, just got back from a powerwalk in the sun. Still really warm even this early.

All I can think of is that I want to be back in Rome. That was really my kind of city. Like a little piece of New York in Europe. I felt surrounded by all the things I truly love; great architecture, history, amazing food culture, beautiful and stylish people, perfect climate, the incredible catholic churches and spiritual atmosphere plus of course the general city-feel with shops and constant movement. Aah…

Thank God I live in Malta so it’s not too far away and Malta is also great in many other, sometimes similar, ways.