Barry M nail polish

Good morning, or mid-day actually, I’m browsing for a new nail polish and found these two from Barry M at but unfortunately this brand can not be shipped to Malta. I really like the colors but the green one could be a bit of a risk ‘coz you don’t really see the exact shade when you order online. The thing is, I hate this weather. It’s sunny with clouds moving with fast speed and the wind….the damned wind. Can’t stand it, it makes me so sleepy. It’s not inviting to go around shops so I resort to laptop shopping. I also saw a beautiful unusual olive shade from Sally Hansen, but we don’t wanna go down that road again haha. What a disaster it was the last time. Horrible brand. 

This year I’ll skip the glittery polishes, I over did it last year ;o)


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Sally Hansen nails – review

Sally Hansen ‘So much fawn’  (so much it comes off)

The color is just what I was looking for and there’s a bit of a hype around this brand right now. Here in Malta at least, I don’t know about other places so I wanted to give it a try.

My verdict; The color is just right, the applicator is the same as the one of Dior Vernis (which I don’t really like) but it was still easy to apply, however the color itself, the actual product comes right off! At first I thought it was due to the very hot sun at the beach, as if it literally melted away like ice cream but I took it all off at home (which came off unusually easy) and did another layer. Same thing again, it comes off. Not as flakes but as if it’s too soft. Very strange.

So – No more Sally Hansen, I will remain faithful to my ever beautiful Italian brand Naj Oleari!

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