Will your kids always be your baby ?


Are there any mum readers out there? It's now 2pm and soon I'm walking to Aidens school to pick him up. I was going through some pics for my blog update and found this one of me and him, and got this sudden urge to squeeze his cheeks and hug him. The problem is that, even though he's a generally cuddle boy for his age (8 yrs) he's still a bit reluctant to hug and kiss me outside school, and I'm standing there like a retard being rejected on a date. I want my hug and kiss!!

The question was pretty much this; will your kids always be your baby ? No matter the age? Cos I'm thinking when he's around 14-15 he's gonna slap me isn't he?


Good morning

I’m having my coffee and just managed to put down the Kris Jenner book with only a few pages left…hate when I finish a good book, but then again, it’s a good sign for the author when you feel empty afterwards hehe.

I have 2 girl dates today and will try to go for a powerwalk after I drop Aiden at school. Gym feels a bit much today after the tough yoga class yesterday.  Have a nice day everyone xox

Beautiful winter Sliema



Good morning everyone, today is Aidens first day of school, year 3 already. They have such a long summer holiday here so it was understandable that he was nervous this morning. He calmed down a bit when we arrived at school and he met all his friends and it turned out they were just as nervous hehe. I’m sure they’ll be ok as soon as they get inside and gets started. I stayed a bit longer just to check out all the other mum’s, they look so funny with their housewife-in tracksuit-red hair and bling bling style hihi

After I dropped him off I went straight to the gym for 1 hr and now I’m trying to have a coffee and stop sweating. It was really a big difference going to the gym in the morning instead of afternoon, somehow I had a lot more energy and I’m 100% sure it makes you more alert during the day as well. Obviously I didn’t have time to go in the morning before but without my old job all these things I wanted to do are now possible. The morning gym was one of them 😉

Hope you all have  a  nice day x