Zara spring


There's a really cool and inspiring vibe when you walk in to Zara at the moment, I think it's the spring collection creating a fresh atmosphere after the hectic mess during sales (which btw always makes me feel a bit claustrophobic, as if being stuck in winter and grey skies). I feel like trying on loads of styles even though we are kind of in-between season, so yes, it's a little bit confusing where to direct our focus at this point  - a maxi dress is not going to be worn in the coming days but the knitwear feels too much knowing spring is around the corner, but still, I am definitely inspired. It's a teaser, just like the current Maltese weather ;)




Spring in the air

Had a really nice day yesterday, me and Aiden did some gardening in the morning hehe…our little yard is now updated and ready for summer. After that we went down to Sliema for some shopping (found 2 sandals to go with dresses and denim shorts..) and then we had lunch at Cuba. We were meant to try out this new place which just opened but their menu wasn’t really glutenfree friendly so we choose a safe card.

It was also St Paddys yesterday so the afternoon was spent with B&M + T&A at a pub in St Julians. Aiden got one of those large St Paddy hats and ‘had soo much fun’ apparantly ;o)