Make Up Forever


I have to admit I'm not as fascinated and obsessed with make-up as I am about skincare since I believe you should always look after your skin before covering it with make-up, some women tend to ignore certain issues related to bad skin and go for make-up which hides the defects but what happens is of course that you create further problems. If you however have great skin, make-up can be so much fun - highlighting your beauty instead of hiding bad parts. Same goes for clothes and fashion - I'm much more into exercise and health before trends. Overweight people tend to buy expensive clothes to hide the fat, or super nice shoes to take attention away from non-attractive legs but I believe the gym is where those money should be spent before buying nice outfits.

Anyway - despite the above I still love make-up and styles and anything female so, when I saw this beauty from Make-up forever I did react like a little girl :) wow!

You'll find it at for $950 (yes!) but remember it's valued at $1.686 (woop woop)



Check your head..

That’s what I should do coz seriously..this is one of my lotion baskets. Why do I need so many? It’s like Aiden says ‘Mum, you and your lotions’ we all have our own little weird things and I just love all the different scents and bottles.

It’s not wasting money just because I know tomorrow I’m gonna go through the airport shop and smell 300 new ones, it’s simply looking after my skin. Let’s pretend that’s what it is. Ok.