Myoka spa

Good morning,

Today I’m heading to Valletta for a facial at 66 St Paul’s Myoka Spa. I have a six step program with six different types of treatments, so today I’m not actually sure what she’ll come up with :)

So far I’ve done Cavitation & Ultrasound, Radio Frequency and Mesotherapy. From my own very personal experience, nearing 40 means there is so much more TLC needed than in my 20’s or 30’s. Actually, in my 20’s I was mainly concerned with the eczema which was beyond visible, causing pain and anxiety, but after overcoming that part it became almost like an obsession to look after my skin. It’s just that now at 39, what worked wonders earlier, just doesn’t seem to agree as much. So – without allowing it to become a negative process, I keep telling myself that I’m simply doing what I can, my best, and the result is going to be different from 10 years ago. It’s obvious, but coming to that realisation is somewhat overwhelming.

From the above mentioned treatments, I liked the Mesotherapy the most, mainly due to a longer lasting result. For me. Can’t speak for others, but I really liked it.

I’ll go deeper into skincare in your 40’s later on. Right now I’m running late for whatever is coming up :) Acid peels? Frost Peel? (no not really at this time of year hehe)




Make Up Forever


I have to admit I'm not as fascinated and obsessed with make-up as I am about skincare since I believe you should always look after your skin before covering it with make-up, some women tend to ignore certain issues related to bad skin and go for make-up which hides the defects but what happens is of course that you create further problems. If you however have great skin, make-up can be so much fun - highlighting your beauty instead of hiding bad parts. Same goes for clothes and fashion - I'm much more into exercise and health before trends. Overweight people tend to buy expensive clothes to hide the fat, or super nice shoes to take attention away from non-attractive legs but I believe the gym is where those money should be spent before buying nice outfits.

Anyway - despite the above I still love make-up and styles and anything female so, when I saw this beauty from Make-up forever I did react like a little girl :) wow!

You'll find it at for $950 (yes!) but remember it's valued at $1.686 (woop woop)



Check your head..

That’s what I should do coz seriously..this is one of my lotion baskets. Why do I need so many? It’s like Aiden says ‘Mum, you and your lotions’ we all have our own little weird things and I just love all the different scents and bottles.

It’s not wasting money just because I know tomorrow I’m gonna go through the airport shop and smell 300 new ones, it’s simply looking after my skin. Let’s pretend that’s what it is. Ok.