Last night we went for a walk along the Sliema /St Julians promenade as we do most nights during summer, we go quite late so the worst heat has given up and we usually end up with a take away drink of some kind. What’s funny is the massive amount of tourists popping up from nowhere it seems, they walk in their own way, you know when they take up the whole promenade, walking in slow motion, preferably in a row to make sure no one can get past and they seem totally unaware of  others. If they are on holiday, everyone else is too.

Last night I noticed another thing; Girls dress funny when they go abroad. I’m thinking especially when they go to a warm place like Malta and use clothes they never normally use if they come from a colder country. They look so dressed up and uncomfortable, with dresses and heels they found in the lost summer section at H&M and they actually put flowers in their hair. I thought that was something you see on a poster for a va-ca in Hawaii?

I’m all for girls dressing up, wearing a dress and heels looks a million times better than not caring at all but why don’t they just wear what they would normally wear on a night out in their own country? There’s no specific dress code on a mediterranean holiday is there?

On a side note I just remembered when I went to Portugal with my family many years ago. I bought a dress especially for that trip so I could look like a local hahahaha….how would I even know what they looked like? Maybe that’s what they’re trying to accomplish, who knows ;o)




Aiden is now already at the beach with his school class, enjoying the full day playing…not too shabby. I promised him to go again in the afternoon coz today is going to be a hot hot summer day. I’m not a ‘sandy beach 8 hour a day’  type but I love going for a little while down to the rocks or by a beach bar and relax while Aiden plays in the water so that’s what we’ll do today! I don’t know how the h*ll I forget how hot it gets…every year is the same. Longing for the hot Maltese summer and when it comes it’s like being hit in the head…

Steve Madden shows bright colors for the summer 2012 collection, I like the sandals.


This Is What Steve Madden Has In Store For Summer

Hips don’t lie

Idag hade jag äntligen en till bellydance lektion, efter 3 veckors uppehåll eftersom hon var i Egypten. Vi fick nya scarfs idag också med massa bling på ;o) Men jag tyckte så synd om henne, vår teacher, hon kom just hem från en underbar resa med enbart bellydance träning, träffat otroliga människor, vart i en trasig men vacker miljö och upplevt så mycket och så får hon komma tillbaka till en grupp där jag inte förstår varför 85% av dem ens går… Aja.

Har vart och shoppat lite med Aiden i Sliema nu (alltid den bästa mest ärliga shopping partnern hehe) och jag hittade massor av nya snygga saker på Pull & Bear. Bl a 2 st skjortor a’la Kourtney Kardashian, ni vet, som går högt i halsen med en liten bow t ex.

Det är något med vädret idag, allt irriterar mig trots att jag dykt djupt ner i Law of Attraction böckerna senaste tiden. Borde ha lärt mig att styra mina tankar och känslor mer.

Feta, tröga och slöa människor har gått mig på nerverna idag för att nämna några. Tänk er i en ATM kö eller inne i en butik. Står där och flåsar och tänker aldrig på att de tar upp en hel genomfart. Ni som följt mig tidigare vet att jag har absolut noll tolerans för deras slöhet och ovilja att ändra saker. Hur som  helst. Gladare tankar. Det är påsklov.






Hot sunny day

I started the day with the intention to clean and get things in order but ended up having a water gun fight with the neighbours.

Also had a nice lunch with J and Aiden in Sliema and got to see my nephew Nate in the afternoon. The sun was actually hot so being out all day made me tired. I have a valid excuse for watching MadMen, drinking red wine and being lazy right now. Yep. Only crap was that none of the stores I went to had the spf lotion I needed or the make up I intended to buy but… Next time.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend peeps.

Spring in the air

Had a really nice day yesterday, me and Aiden did some gardening in the morning hehe…our little yard is now updated and ready for summer. After that we went down to Sliema for some shopping (found 2 sandals to go with dresses and denim shorts..) and then we had lunch at Cuba. We were meant to try out this new place which just opened but their menu wasn’t really glutenfree friendly so we choose a safe card.

It was also St Paddys yesterday so the afternoon was spent with B&M + T&A at a pub in St Julians. Aiden got one of those large St Paddy hats and ‘had soo much fun’ apparantly ;o)


My island

I went for a powerwalk this morning along the sea and it was so beautiful especially with the sea still angry. I love when the sea is really rough and it’s probably the one time I’d love to have a seaview flat…in summer..not so much. I know this island is the love of my life ;o) Never gets me bored or lets me down. Better than most people actually. You and me always ! Wonder if a lot of people feel that way about where they live….