Myoka spa

Good morning,

Today I’m heading to Valletta for a facial at 66 St Paul’s Myoka Spa. I have a six step program with six different types of treatments, so today I’m not actually sure what she’ll come up with :)

So far I’ve done Cavitation & Ultrasound, Radio Frequency and Mesotherapy. From my own very personal experience, nearing 40 means there is so much more TLC needed than in my 20’s or 30’s. Actually, in my 20’s I was mainly concerned with the eczema which was beyond visible, causing pain and anxiety, but after overcoming that part it became almost like an obsession to look after my skin. It’s just that now at 39, what worked wonders earlier, just doesn’t seem to agree as much. So – without allowing it to become a negative process, I keep telling myself that I’m simply doing what I can, my best, and the result is going to be different from 10 years ago. It’s obvious, but coming to that realisation is somewhat overwhelming.

From the above mentioned treatments, I liked the Mesotherapy the most, mainly due to a longer lasting result. For me. Can’t speak for others, but I really liked it.

I’ll go deeper into skincare in your 40’s later on. Right now I’m running late for whatever is coming up :) Acid peels? Frost Peel? (no not really at this time of year hehe)




Skin care routine at home


Everyone has their own routines and priorities and whatever it may be it usually involves time (and money right?) My own routine of drinking wine and eating cookies in front of E-Channel is not too demanding though, time and money wise :) I'm joking (ehmm) but my routine of exercising every day does make a difference in that area.

Some people like to keep a monthly or so visit at the spa;  Facials, massages and treatments of all kinds which definitely pays off as although you spend plenty of money and time for appointments you end up with radiant looking skin and who doesn't want that?

So getting to my point - here are some ideas which you can do at home if you want a (budget) and time consuming friendly option which still makes you keep a routine - which is key - obviously you need to invest in good products but you still save on both time and cash compared to running off to beauty clinics and by the way, don't we already spend plenty on products? :)


  • Clean your face properly every night before going to bed. Use products suitable for your skin type.
  • Use a hydrating serum and moisturizer - face & neck + eye cream
  • Use sun protection face and neck cream all your round

Every week:

  • Face scrub
  • Face mask

Every 4-6 weeks;

  • Deep cleansing and hydrating treatment/mask

Every 3 months:

  • Go through your bathroom cabinet and make-up bag to see if anything has expired, needs cleaning or is out of season - some skin types require different products depending on season to feel better, for example lighter creams in summer or a rich foundation for winter can be changed with a lighter tinted moisturizer fo summer etc


These are my favourites right now - Dr.Organic eye serum, Clarins hydrating serum and Taylor Swift fragranced body lotion


Bellydance outfit

Look at these, how beautiful…and even better of course together with the music and bellydance. It’s such a seductive and yet charming combo! I’m so happy we started the classes and it’s obviously a great workout too (and because inside I really laugh, it’s so nice but then I’m reminded I’m in a studio at the spa and not in Marrakesh or similar)


Spa at home

I just ate way too many Nairns gluten free oatcakes…ouch my tammy hurts :( But with some soya butter and sweet marmelade it’s really just impossible to stop. Yes even for me. And I’m disciplined.

Anyway, I will make this pain go away. Maybe not the pain but my guilt will slowly fade if I make up for it by treating my skin to a clay mask from Body Shop, some Raspberry scrub for the legs and a hydrating mask for my hair.

I know going to the actual spa is so much better but since I like to do this a lot it’s easier to do it at home sometimes.

Tonight we have J’s family over for Italian platter and wine. Looking forward.

Voila 😉 Go ahead and laugh hehe