Taschen Living in Mexico

This could very likely be the third or so time I post about Taschen books, especially during winter. Europe is drowning in snow and the cold knows no limits, except Malta, yes it’s true we don’t experience the same weather but to me it’s 28+ and sunny or it’s winter. There’s no in-between. Right now Malta is around 15-20. So…winter.

I tend to grab one of our Taschen books around this time of year, mostly the Mexican one, or the Mediterranean one (featuring summer shots). Coffee table books are a great way of keeping beauty near, especially when you don’t have the option to frame or nail everything to the wall.

Look at the warmth in these pics x







Good morning. Had to sort out some things in Valletta this morning which I thought would take hours but was actually done very quickly. Being fast is not the key word for maltese government places but I have to admit to being a little bit impressed today. Ended up at a book sale for the last bit before going back home and I was looking for the Taschen book of Boobs :) Yes, there is one...and how inappropriate to have on the coffee table?! It would probably be a good silent test to see what kind of people you invite - there would be those who check out the boobs or else those who go for a safe card and grabs another Taschen of beautiful hotels.

Anyway - I'm off again, see you soon.

October morning in Valletta



Taschen books

Good morning, Im having a coffee and browsing through one of my favourite Taschen books hoping to find some inspiration for our ultra white and empty walls buuu…..Taschen Mexico is a beautiful book and I love the style so we’ll see how much luck I’ll have finding something similar around the shops here. Hmm. You know I love all the Taschen books (yes even the one of big boobs ;)) so I’m kinda seeing it as my style bible.  Or general inspiration for interiors, trips, hotels, food etc. You have a favourite?