new @ the body shop – argan oil

I’m using the body butter at the moment. Curious about the massage soap though :)


Update: It’s like being followed by a giant mature cheddar cheese, that eventually gets stuck in your nose. That’s the lingering smell and dilemma with this body butter (cheese). So no, I can’t use this Argan Oil product. The wash may be nicer but I’m put off now…. :(

Hand, Nail and Foot care


I'm going to pass by The Body Shop this afternoon while Aiden's at his private lesson. I need to do something about my hands and feet and Body Shop always have lots to choose from. The feet especially, everytime I'm at a yoga lesson barefoot, I realise they've been slightly neglected. Also, wearing heels for too long, like I did at the photoshoot, didn't exactly help.

Tonight I have a girls date so trying to get some work done now, but as always, beauty blogs get in the way ;)


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Summer Body Mists

Body Mist

I know not all of my readers live in a oven hot country like I do but it's still officially Summer right? I don't leave the house without 2 things; nailpolish (unless I clear them for a sandy scrub at the beach) or something scented, either perfume or scented lotion but what's nice in summer is the body mist. It feels less heavy than strong perfumes and you can add on throughout the day.  The Body Shop has plenty to choose from and also Victorias Secret and my favourite from Decleor.

If not, an alcohol-free perfume is also an option, like Dior Sweet Sun


Satsuma Body Mist - New! Body Mists


This morning I had a skin type/ skin care consultation and as I thought; my skin is not dry! It’s non elastic/combination skin/Sensitive. I’m dehydrated though. How is that possible? I told the lady I drink nearly 2 L of water every day and if I drink more I’ll live on the toilet. Not an option. So it’s really no wonder my skin never absorbed or took to the creams and oils for dry skin. I need serums to help the elasticity. Also had sun pigmentation, obviously. The joy of living in the sun! Came home with a bunch of creams and I also have the Youth drops from The Body Shop on the way.

After the meeting I went for lunch with J at MedAsia. I couldn’t take another plate of sushi..I leave that for SakoSushi Saturdays hehe. I’m pretty sure my chicken dish had a hint of gluten in the sauce but that was pretty much all I could eat. Anyway, it was nice ;o)



Scented Home

Pomegranate & Raspberry Reed Diffuser - Diffusers

Diffusers and scented candles are my favourite details in a home, I try all sorts and scents but with these 2 above, Zara Home and The Body Shop, I have to say I choose the ones from Zara Home. They cost about the same but first of all I prefer the design of the Zara Home diffuser, it smells more (not in a negative way hehe)  and it lasts a lot longer.

I think it was a mistake to buy the raspberry scented…(The Body Shop), a room shouldn’t really smell too sweet, it’s more ‘attractive’ to fill the room with a more ‘earthy’ scent as for example Dark Amber or the one I tried last; Black Vanilla (does not smell sweet as vanilla)

Any favourites?


Update Chocomania Body Butter

I was right. Yesterday I got a sample of the Chocomania Body Butter from The Body Shop and just as I thought these 2 things do not match. Chocolate scented body butter.

I think the best way to describe it would be if you imagine baking chocolate brownies and leave them for about 5-10 mins too long in the oven and they get slightly burned. Like that it smells. And now I’ve got it all over my legs ;o)

I love anything with a strong scent; lotions, candles etc but this is even too much for me.