Valletta at night

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This week was very hectic with family visiting and too much of everything in terms of food, wine etc, but it was nice and my favourite part was dining in Valletta. There's nothing like the capital city in the evening, I find it completely magic! I can't describe the feeling, it's almost like travelling back in time, seeing all the beautiful buildings lit up, the narrow streets and a kind of quietness even though there's plenty of buzzing wine bars and people around. The whole city breathes of art, culture and beauty. My favourite place to go for dinner is Trabuxu Bistro - a great mix of artsy atmosphere and amazing food, and a few steps away from their wine bar, where you can go for a drink afterwards.






Good morning. Had to sort out some things in Valletta this morning which I thought would take hours but was actually done very quickly. Being fast is not the key word for maltese government places but I have to admit to being a little bit impressed today. Ended up at a book sale for the last bit before going back home and I was looking for the Taschen book of Boobs :) Yes, there is one...and how inappropriate to have on the coffee table?! It would probably be a good silent test to see what kind of people you invite - there would be those who check out the boobs or else those who go for a safe card and grabs another Taschen of beautiful hotels.

Anyway - I'm off again, see you soon.

October morning in Valletta



Manoel Theatre

Last night I went to Valletta with my mum and saw a great play. I was exhausted after Claras pool party on Saturday and waking up early for Aiden but this was still so much fun. Arsenic and old lace. If you have a chance to visit Manoel Theatre in Valletta, do it! It’s like walking in to another world, very beautiful.

My mum used to take me to the theatre alot when I was a kid. I remember always sitting there watching all the professional actors and maybe that’s what made me choose the drama school before I moved to my little island.  That’s also where it stopped…I miss it sometimes. Especially the make up/costume room behind the stage….ahhh ;o)


New level of Crazy

Had a real nice weekend although it did involve an unexpected visit to St James Hospital because my dear friend H decided it was a good idea to walk from Valletta to Sliema (pls note…tourists only) and ended up being chased by dogs (!) and fell badly

Call from H sat afternoon

H; Ehhhh I think I need to see a doctor, I was chased by dogs and fell and now Im bleeding a lot from my hands and chin

Me: What?! Like…big dogs?

H: ….nooo..small ones

Well thank God for Maltese health care, he was well taken care of and after check up, cleaning and X Rays we rushed home, changed and went out for dinner with Jonas and Daniel.

Today I feel slightly useless again but not because of too much wine, rather due to lack of sleep but at midday we had a lunch date with 2 blurry parents (actually just one as B was sick) and my favourite much loved baby Nevada.

Aiden spent the weekend again with his father and Im expecting him home very soon, time for some candy and E-Channel ;o) Kardashians forever haha !!!

As blurry as ever





Malta boat show

Tonight I’m attending a boat show event in Valletta which luckely for me includes a fashion show, free wine and hopefully some nice people. I’ll let you know about my outfit later as I’m trying to look at least a tiny bit ‘marine’ without totally overdoing it as my friend said. Would overdoing it mean wearing a sailor hat?