Here are some tips if you’re looking for a retinol product (a derivative of vitamin A) to boost your collagen production, increase cell turnover, soften fine lines or generally slow down that ageing process. So many people swear by these products but there are also some misconceptions when it comes to the way we use and choose them.

First of all, they are best used at night when the skin is resting and ready to regenerate, however, using it during the day does not cause sunburn as you may often read, but it may break down the retinoids which means it won’t be as effective as using it at night. (although below I’m suggesting a new formula with SPF for day use 😉 )

Also, if you have sensitive skin you may want to try a brand/product with low % retinol, simply to get your skin used to it. Maybe you feel a bit of a sensitive sting but that is simply the product working and nothing to be concerned about. After a few weeks the skin should have adapted and sensitivity gone down. Remember, retinol is not an exfoliator, it can cause the skin to flake which is a side effect, but it’s not to be confused with an exfoliator. Actual exfoliators will have your skin cells shedding without you actually seeing it…

Plus, remember that results take time, sometimes the box says visible results in 2-3 weeks etc but it could very well take double the time so be patient 😉

Use the retinol product after cleansing and toning/softener and then apply your serum and moisturiser as usual.

SkinCeuticals retinol night 0.5

StriVectin AR Advanced Retinol Day Treatment SPF 30 50ml

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask

Vichy LiftActiv Advanced Filler 0.2% retinol



I have a spot on my chin. I never have spots, ugghh, quite funny how this was the first thing I saw from Vichy today. I don't have a problem with spots but this product containing  hyaluronic acid also targets imperfections and marks, so it might be worth a shot, and when the spots do appear, it would be good to have this handy. Only thing I'm a bit reluctant about is that I have sensitive skin and this might make it worse by drying it out too much...we'll see.

Anyone tried it yet?