Detox juicin’

So yesterday we had a Netflix and wine kind of evening, and a little too late my driving instructor texted me asking if I could do an extra lesson today, as I really need the final ‘touches’ before doing the test…I said yes and now I kind of wish I didn’t. Not because of the wine but it’s Friday and I had some other plans as well. It’s funny how the mind works tho…I really really want to get this whole thing over and done with, it’s been like a year of practising on and off (my instructor has days where he just don’t ‘go to work‘, which means I sometimes have weeks of not driving) but as much as I want it, every lesson is accompanied with a dose of anxiety.

On another note, today I’m applying for a course in interior & design. Will keep you posted, I’m sure it’ll be fun, I always wanted to do something ‘real’ with my creativity, but never really found the right thing. Malta is sometimes a little limited, so fingers crossed about this one!

My morning detox juice, doesn’t it look so tempting! Love it – carrot, apples and lots of ginger!



Today I’m so tired, me & M went out for some wine last night and it wasn’t that much but man…I feel so useless right now. Jamie, or Pheebs as we call her (yes she reminds us of Friends character Phoebe) came over this morning for coffees and thank god coz otherwise I would have slept through the day which I really hate. Right now I took Aiden for his first Scout Group meeting, we’ll see what he says later, might like it and might not, but I have to let him try different things in life.

Anyway, I don’t think I┬ámentioned it here but we, me & Jonas, booked another trip to our dear Rome. It’s not until May but I can’t wait. It’s for his 30th b’day (well that’s next month but…for the sake of it) and we’ve already got tickets for the big tennis tournament which will be held there that weekend, so I hope it will be a massive social event going on around the city ;0)