This morning I took up yoga again which felt soo good, thank god I found these close by morning classes.

I used to do yoga quite a lot some years ago so I thought I’d be a bit rusty but it went really well. The thing is, I’ve taken classes by 3-4 different instructors before and they’ve all been very good except the last one which was the reason I stopped going. To me yoga is about mind, body and spirit and the instructor needs to be calm and inspiring for me to continue. The one who made me stop was nothing like that, she was like a female hitler and she made the class horrible. So of course I gave up.

Today, sure the class was at a spa/gym and my previous ones have been on open air roof tops etc which of course adds to the spiritual feel but the teacher was very nice and I feel comfortable going back.

Now I need an espresso and some food because my legs feel like jelly ;o)

linda%27s yoga journey: just when you think you%27ve had enough....