Zara spring


There's a really cool and inspiring vibe when you walk in to Zara at the moment, I think it's the spring collection creating a fresh atmosphere after the hectic mess during sales (which btw always makes me feel a bit claustrophobic, as if being stuck in winter and grey skies). I feel like trying on loads of styles even though we are kind of in-between season, so yes, it's a little bit confusing where to direct our focus at this point  - a maxi dress is not going to be worn in the coming days but the knitwear feels too much knowing spring is around the corner, but still, I am definitely inspired. It's a teaser, just like the current Maltese weather ;)




Scented Home

Pomegranate & Raspberry Reed Diffuser - Diffusers

Diffusers and scented candles are my favourite details in a home, I try all sorts and scents but with these 2 above, Zara Home and The Body Shop, I have to say I choose the ones from Zara Home. They cost about the same but first of all I prefer the design of the Zara Home diffuser, it smells more (not in a negative way hehe)  and it lasts a lot longer.

I think it was a mistake to buy the raspberry scented…(The Body Shop), a room shouldn’t really smell too sweet, it’s more ‘attractive’ to fill the room with a more ‘earthy’ scent as for example Dark Amber or the one I tried last; Black Vanilla (does not smell sweet as vanilla)

Any favourites?


Zara’s alarm system

Good morning everyone! Malta weather is very nasty today, rain lightning and thunder. I think it’s kinda cosy actually.

In my old swedish blog I used to write posts about things that upset me or annoyed me or generally made me swear but as you might have noticed I try to ignore those topics in this blog, you know, to pay more attention to the positive and beautiful things. It’s just that…last week I went twice to Zara, and I’m usually wearing something Zara labelled like shoes or bags and this thing with their alarm is something that I just can not ignore to write about. It really truly pisses me off and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been swearing and offending the poor security guy. The thing is; because they have some faulty thing in their system my boots or bags trigger the alarm as soon as I walk in or out of the shop. Everytime it happens they ask me to go to the cash to inactivate my shoe/bag so that til next time there won’t be a sound. Even if it was correctly done by the time of purchase.

This is SO embarrasing and annoying, it makes me not want to visit the god damn shop again. And I will not wear other boots or clothes just for the sake of not causing that sound and make everyone look at me as if I’m a thief.

So. Zara. PLEASE FIX YOUR ALARM SYSTEM!!! I want to be able to walk in with my old boots and not make a sound. Ok?