Taschen New York

The other day we added another Taschen book to our little collection; Taschen New York.  It’s split in 3 sections of Hotels, Restaurants and Shops. Very useful 😉 It also includes a little handy map with the mentioned places.

How can New York be so fascinating? What makes people go there and come back with their eyes glowing as if they’ve just discovered Jesus. To me it was an overwhelming feeling of Anything can happen here. Good or bad of course but the scale tipping over far more on the positive side. You can meet any kind of person, find any type of food or item and  Brangelina was at a nearby hotel 😉 My favourite reggaeton duo was in a polaroid pic at the store where I bought the (really extremly ugly) Ed Hardy dress (yea what’s wrong with him, making all those loser clothes) coz they were friends with the owner. Of course. In New York things that seemed so far fetched at home suddenly feels real. That’s the very special feeling of New York. I’m telling you my legs turned in to jelly just passing something that looked like a movie being shot or something hehe.

Read it.


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