The obvious

I never really understood why people pretend not to see the obvious. Lately, and well, as always I got into some trouble because I always speak my mind. I literally can’t stop talking until I made my point very clear. It might hurt people sometimes but it annoys me so much when there is a very obvious problem, say in someones relationship, job situation or appearance and they keep talking and acting around it. I don’t like to interfer with other peoples relationships for example as in judging (because you don’t decide who you love) but when there is an issue which can be seen as clear as you can tell a fat person from a slim person and nothing is being done about it, it makes me angry.  Not because I have anything to do with it but because they pretend it’s not there. It doesn’t show. Even saying things that makes it seem not visable to others. Very very strange I think. It’s like buying a black top and telling your friend how much you love white clothes. You know, it’s right there; I believe what you just bought is black though. Mmm, no I like white clothes (this is the part where you bang the head in the wall)

I like talking to (and about)  people who have a problem, they recognize it and they deal with it.  Or possibly accept it but at least make it clear that they are aware of it.

Same thing with appearance; if you have a weight problem, don’t talk about others being fat. As if it’s not obvious that you are as well.

Why can’t people just say; I suck at this, how do I learn? Or I am not happy in my relationship, what shall I do?

What do you think? Is it a fear of admitting your problem?


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