Had a nice day today, really hot for sure. Jonas had the day off so we went up north for lunch near Golden Sands. We’ve been having a ‘low’ for a few days for reasons I don’t feel like bringing up, but if I have to see anything good in all this, it would be realising that how other people behave and how they decide to live their lives shouldn’t effect us in any way, we’re strong as we are. Alone together so to speak. I know it’s pointless writing a post with a sort of half hearted message, but it’s for selfish reasons, just feel like getting things off my chest.

Tomorrow morning we’re off to Comino :) will be fun, and I got a perfect set from Vichy to help me pack light šŸ˜‰

Lunch at Golden Sands (it looks cloudy and chilly on the pic but it was the total opposite)Ā and beer/coffees at Presidents GardenĀ with Teta and Nate


photo (20)

photo (21)

photo (19)



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