Travel in Style

I love to travel but the part where you actually need to travel is not the most glorious moment; I’m not a plane person. I feel scared and claustrophobic to the point where I would much rather be on a boat on stormy seas. What helps though are the small things I pack to keep me happier on the flight, things like magazines, books, travel beauty kits etc. I don’t think I actually read or use anything, it’s just something to fiddle with and it’s one of those ‘I’m so happy to be a girl’ moments. Boys bring psp games and boring car or sports magazines….

What’s do you bring to distract you on a long flight? Except for good company of course! (Although I doubt I’m much of a good company myself haha…I look like I’m about to have a nervous breakdown any second)

One thing I’ve learned is that a glass of wine to calm the nerves is not a good option. Sure it keeps me tired and sleepy throughout the flight but the feeling stays¬†for the whole day and that should be avoided. ¬†

Any suggestions what do to when the travel kit is no longer interesting, I’m still uncomfortable and we’re still up in the clouds?!


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