We’re back on the rock and have finally settled in our new flat, something I had been waiting for like a kid is waiting for Christmas. We’d been living in suitcases for several weeks so unpacking in a brand new flat felt nothing but well deserved.

Sweden was…actually great. I don’t always say that but we were so lucky with the weather and managed to do loads of things that makes Sweden great in summer. Hiking and other outdoorsy things instead of shopping and getting bored in the rain.

Still, it was nice to come back to Malta and our normal routines, although school doesn’t start for Aiden until 23rd Sept.

The other day me and Aiden went swimming, we also did a surprise baby shower for B, about to pop any day now :), we’ve been to the cinema, dinners, school meeting etc etc.

I have quite a lot of work to do now, writing, but got seriously stuck in a book that I hope will never end. How much I love that feeling, when you know you’re escaping in to another world!

Me enjoyng the Swedish countryside!

photo (86)


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