It’s been one week since my surgery and I’m feeling much better now, it’s like you need to pass through some periods of not being able to do all the things you normally do, such as exercise, just to really appreciate what you take for granted when you’re doing fine. One other thing that I still think about is waking up in hospital around noon, sleeping for another 2-3 hours, not having had anything to eat or drink since the evening before – I swear, I could have sold my right arm for a cup of coffee in that very moment, even that less tasty Nescafé red cup instant powder would have been a treat! I keep thinking about it every day now when I switch on the espresso machine, like there’s an endless source of the black magic drink – maybe some forced detox once in a while woul do me good.

Today is Friday and later we’re going to Valletta for dinner with J’s family, Aiden is also busy going twice to Mdina for the Grand Prix! His kind of fun.

Early morning walk on the Sliema rocks this morning. It’s a shame the camera can’t capture the real beauty you see with your eyes.







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