Lots of searching right now…soul searching as always, puppy searching BIG time and not to mention new place to live for autumn. “Soul searching” is going quite well but a few bumps in the road as expected, puppy search is going better than before but same thing there, slowly and surely with a few set backs but also great unexpected help from some very nice people I got in touch with. House hunting, urggghh, don’t even want to think about it. Jonas sent me a link of a cool place today but I got tired just thinking of what it all means – packing, unpacking etc. With a dog it’s very important though to have a suitable space, a 2 bedroom flat is not going to make it in the long run..

In 2½ weeks we’ll be in Italy again which brings lots of new positive energy and hopefully clears my mind a bit from some ups and downs we had lately. In this case it’s not my own problems but when people close to you go through things, it still affects you just the same.

Honestly, some good news would do me great right now. Ok universe? You hear me? :):):)





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