Valencia Spring – 13

More pics inside! 😉

The city treated us well, it was a great weekend break (in the middle of the week though hehe) and we found a romantic place to celebrate our 5 years together. We did what we always do on trips abroad; eat amazing food, drink lots of wine and walk around til our feet are hurting :) and yeah some shopping too. Valencia is such a charming city, you can’t not like it.

Anyway, as great as it was to be away, coming home is also nice, especially when you have a little boo called Aiden waiting for you like we had been away for a year.

Unfortunately he had managed to get himself into trouble at school and we had to have a long talk before going to sleep. It’s hard to teach kids about life when no one can claim to be an expert themselves, but as long as we communicate and try to set a good example I’m sure all kids go through problems, fights ets at some point, but come out of things fine. I wasn’t really angry about the actual trouble he had caused, that was a typical thing to do for an 8-9 year old boy, but he kept denying it for a while and that’s what I don’t like. So the talk was 99% about telling the truth and taking responsibility for what you do!

Enough about that, hope you all have a happy weekend, we’ll continue with more nice food and some wine BUT lots of gym and walks in the sun too. Balance is key 😉 xxxxx


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