Yesterday was beautiful, and I’ll tell you why it was extra nice to spend a full day out of the house – 0n Friday eve I had my designer class in Valletta and halfway through I started feeling a bit strange, as if I was very very hungry, you know, to the point where you almost feel sick. J picked me up as soon as class finished and we went home, I was planning to eat something but even thinking of food made me feel funny. Within 30 mins I was throwing up! I am almost never sick. Ever. So for me it was kind of a shock. From then on I spent the night in the same manner….I hate throwing up, it makes me sick just thinking of it. Anyway, it was probably a 24 hr bug, because Saturday eve around the same time, I felt like a human being again. How bad it is right? Your body is shivering and aching and all you want to do is stand up and be normal!

Soo, yesterday when I felt OK enough to go out (by the way, all the puking put so much pressure on my head and face that I ended up with red spots, I had a fright at first but it’s totally normal, it’s basically like broken blood vessels and they disappear on their own in a few days) we got dressed and drove down to Birgu for breakfast and the rest of the day we spent walking around the ‘three cities‘ + a quick stop at the Danish village up north in the afternoon. Very nice family day with warm weather although it looks crappy in some of the pics.

Now I’m off to the shops to fix the last bits for J’s birthday tomorrow! xox

IMG_8918 (1)

IMG_8925 (1)





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