Very Classy by Derek Blasberg

I just finished reading my book Tarnished Beauty or Senor Peregrino as it’s translated in some countries. Beautiful, very different and amazing book. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an open mind and lots of imagination.

So, I was checking for some other books to read coz finishing a book that you were so attached to is like saying good bye to a friend. Almost. I saw these 2 which might work well as a good ‘rebound book’ or maybe even more suitable as a coffee table book. I would definitely say that it’s not a type of book you give as a present. Imagine, getting a book on how to apply style in your life 😉  Tss

Derek Blasberg, author and best pal with the Olsen twins, gave out Classy in 2010 and has now followed up with the 2nd one Very Classy.

As Blasberg notes, “Although we live in a day and age when rich housewives and overly tanned club rats can reach immediate reality show superstardom, a book promoting sophisticated style and respectable behavior can be successful in this social climate. (And what a relief!).”




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