Vichy Aminexil Pro

As part of my fight against autumn-hairloss I’ve started using Vichy Dercos Aminexil Pro which so far, combined with the shampoo and conditioner, seem to reduce the number of hair falling to the floor every day. It doesn’t stop over night so I remain patient, but I can definitely say that my hair is looking more clean and shiny. The conditioner, which is used in the ends only, makes it unusually easy to detangle when blow-drying, which is a big plus. The only minus is that there’s no particular scent which I miss a bit compared to other brands but I can live with that :)

The treatment (pictured) is used in dry or towel dried hair after showering, apply on your scalp and massage it in without rinsing. Looking at the capsule you might mistake it for oil, but it is not at all oily so it will not make your hair greasy, quite the opposite, making it soft and smooth.

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