vichy anti-cellulite serum review

Thumbs up for this serum! I’ve used it twice daily for 14 days and I love the feeling of my skin ‘waking up’ each time I apply and massage it over legs, arms and tummy. It feels a bit like a cooling lotion at first which then turns in to a ┬áprickling feeling as if the skin gets energized. I actually look forward to applying it after each shower because of this feeling :)

As for results – well I didn’t have lots of cellulites to begin with, however I did have parts where the skin felt a bit bumpy and not having the even skin tone you’d wish for. This appeared especially on my thighs and upper arms. With the serum, I’d say the skin feels and looks more even and has turned very soft and smooth, which can also be seen.

Skin looks refreshed and ready for the beach!!


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#vichy #anticellulite


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