Vichy Idealia review update

I’m all out of Vichy Idealia right now and I believe stocking up on more products from this particular range is a necessary thing to do. It’s winter (although Maltese winter may not count as winter for those living in snow covered places) and my skin somehow register that the temp is not above 15+ and there’s no chance of staying a day at the beach. So – I currently have winter dry and dull skin, and Vichy Idealia actually helped me feel better, the texture is great and not to mention the scent, that one I love! It makes my skin feel soft straight away and remains pretty good throughout the day.

I’ve tried the day cream for dry skin, and another day cream for sensitive skin.

With regards to the BB cream (spf 25, medium) I think this is ideal for winter (summer too for that matter), but especially in winter as it’s less heavy compared to regular foundation and it lets the skin breath and also makes it look quite radiant! I’ve tried many brands for BB creams but this is in fact the only one not causing an outbreak or rash.



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