Vintage Glam

I am so hooked on Instagram :) It’s a really fun and creative way of adding diy art to your everyday life without being a pro. Sure, you need some kind of eye for a good photo but pretty much any object looks good with a different filter on it.

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Sometimes it looks silly when you find yourself observing something and you know the rest of the people around think exactly the same. Like this morning I was walking along the sea and the waves looked giant, quite a scene, but instead of admiring the real deal we – I’m talking ┬áme and around 4 other girls who did not know each other – took out our mobile cameras and thought of nothing other than how fast we can tweet this or in my case Instagram it. Hello 2013…what’s in store? More ways to capture every single moment and share with others? A bit crazy, yet as I said – I’m hooked.


Asos bag, Bangles from Mil Ideas and snake belt..can’t remember but probably Accessorize.


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