This morning I had a skin type/ skin care consultation and as I thought; my skin is not dry! It’s non elastic/combination skin/Sensitive. I’m dehydrated though. How is that possible? I told the lady I drink nearly 2 L of water every day and if I drink more I’ll live on the toilet. Not an option. So it’s really no wonder my skin never absorbed or took to the creams and oils for dry skin. I need serums to help the elasticity. Also had sun pigmentation, obviously. The joy of living in the sun! Came home with a bunch of creams and I also have the Youth drops from The Body Shop on the way.

After the meeting I went for lunch with J at MedAsia. I couldn’t take another plate of sushi..I leave that for SakoSushi Saturdays hehe. I’m pretty sure my chicken dish had a hint of gluten in the sauce but that was pretty much all I could eat. Anyway, it was nice ;o)




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