Malta is hot today! I love it :o)))) The beach was full of half naked people and everyone is out enjoying the sun.

I checked and Valencia is the same so it’s easy to pack. I realised though that when you have kids, even just 3 days holiday abroad, requires a lot more planning and organizing than you’d think. Luckely my mum lives close by in case I forget something…

Btw I’m in such a bad mood today haha it’s almost funny. It’s because of my food disaster this week. Smoothies including those damn fruits and honey – really not good.  It’s incredible how much these things effect me, I hate this feeling so much, when I don’t feel my best. I can never understand people who neglect themselves and their body on a regular basis with no intentions to change their lifestyle, it sounds very corny but, your body is your temple. How can some people stuff themselves with food when they are already over-weight, or not exercise or take care of their looks? Doesn’t mean everyone should walk around like supermodels but so many times it looks like a case of ‘just woke up‘. Don’t like it…respect your bodies a bit more!

I had a healthy salad at Wagamama today and right now I’m enjoying some blueberry tea 😉

Dinner date at Meat & Co with my babe M some time ago 




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