Weekend break @ Comino

We had such a great time, it was like being plugged into an energy charger :) Aiden had the time of his life with all the other kids and they played tennis, jumped in the pool and enjoyed the food etc. Same for us, and we went hiking around the whole island (which doesn’t really take that long haha) and the weather was great, hot enough. It felt like we were far away from home but door to door from our house to the hotel incl car and boat trip, it took no more than 1½ hr. 

Blue Lagoon is amazingly beautiful, especially early morning before boats and people start to show up, it’s so calm and serene. Sometimes that’s all you need; sea, blue sky, sun and a bit of quiet. No laptops, internet access, barely mobile recepetion. Very peaceful and well needed.

I guess the pics speak for themselves 😉




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