Weird things and awkward moments

Certain things are just weird. Things people say especially. For example; He/She looks good for his/her age. To me it’s either he/she looks good or not, what does the age has to do with anything? I mean there’s been several times when I’ve seen a lady 60+ looking really goood, with nice skin and beautiful eyes and next to her might have been a teenager with spots and dirty hair. It’s quite clear which one of them looks better, regardless of age. Eh?

An awkward moment is when you stand in line at the grocer and you’re holding one item while the one in front of you has a zillion things. So he/she tells you to go before the line since..well obviously that would be faster and it’s a nice gesture. This is when you say thank you, try to be as quick as you can to show your appreciation and you realise you have to pay with the credit card coz you’re out of cash and exactly in this little moment the card machine decides to give you trouble. I swear this happened to me not only once. Lesson learned, You should have stayed where you were…..!

Just some thougts. Im going shopping now. X


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