Welcome November

First of all Happy Birthday to my bestest friend M, unfortunately she decided to move back to Sweden so her free b’day drink will go straight to the lost and found. Maybe next year. Pastasa. I miss her and it’s annoying when people tell you; but there’s skype nowadays. Yea, I know there’s skype and another million ways to ‘connect’ – but skype doesn’t play bachata and drinking wine in front of a computer image is a bit sad. No? Anyway, I miss the real deal! Enjoy your day Guzita!


Today is 1st November and it’s sunny and beautiful, hopefully the weather app is getting it all wrong with the 70% chance of rain. Aiden is off school today and we’re going out for some shopping.

I’m planning to detox for a few days as we had some late dinners and nights out this week and my body tells me to cool it. And so I listen ;o)

Have a nice weekend xxx

Enjoying some coffee and sun on my mum’s terrace this morning, had to pick up Aiden after a sleep-over with cousin Nate! 

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