Yves Rocher in Malta

I’m so happy to see Yves Rocher in Malta, it makes me think of my childhood and trips with my family. The first thought I have of Yves Rocher is their classic Monoi oil, my mum used it in summer and the coconut scent is so sweet and beautiful. I also remember how it turned thick like a cream when it was cold and as soon as she took it out in the sun it turned into an oil. Yesterday after taking Aiden for his birthday lunch, we peeked in at the new shop in Sliema and a lot of the old products are still there along with new scents and skincare.

I bought two small bottles of body milk, one of raspberry and one coconut. I left the vanilla for next time. The friendly shop assistant also gave me an envelope filled with samples of all kinds, the kind of thing that makes me feel like a kid at christmas :) I’ll go back for sure! Next time, maybe the oil and a perfume. Prices are great so you can stock up without spending a fortune.



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