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by Lenah
About Us


  • Born in Sweden
  • Sliema girl since over 18 years
  • Mum to Aiden, 15, half Maltese car nerd
  • Wife to TennisNerd Jonas

Holistic wellbeing is to me the most important mission in life, finding balance in everything you do and constantly working towards improving yourself. Thereof the name Olistica (Italian female version of holistic)


I used to suffer from eczema and gut issues while growing up, and it made me genuinely interested in nutrition and skincare, and how to look after myself in terms of general wellbeing. What I know is more or less self-taught, and overcoming the problem means I must have done something right.

It’s not a matter of addressing different areas on their own – such as skin or gut – it’s the holistic point of view that needs to be looked at. Mind and body. Sleep, nutrition, exercise, mental state, stress, environment etc. That’s how you look after yourself.

I love all things related to beauty and health, but I will always welcome a glass of Prosecco, a proper Netflix binge and strong coffee. Balance.

In my shop you can find some of the things I love. From Supermood with their amazing skincare and health products that actually work, to the perfect all-round organic cream from True Organic of Sweden and the products from Gröna Gredelina adding a nice touch in your home. Things that add a little happiness in your daily life. Please check back because there is more to come.

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