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Aleppo Soap

by Lenah

What exactly makes the Aleppo Soap so skin friendly? To be honest, when I think of soap bars I automatically think of dry skin. Isn’t that what those white, perfectly shaped bars do to your hands? I don’t like using them on my hands, let alone on my face. So why is the Aleppo Soap different?

Well, the Aleppo Soap, originally from Syria hence the name, is not perfect in shape, it is not artificially white, and more than anything – does not dry your skin. Actually, it does quite the opposite.

It is great for skin with acne, eczema, psoriasis, bacterial dermatitis, fungal infections and dandruff because of the laurel bay oil content, and can be used for body, face and hair. Yes hair too 🙂

Aleppo soap is an ecological product, free of artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances, palm oil and preservatives. It is made using artisanal methods – the soap paste is obtained by saponification of olive and bay laurel oils.

It is then spread out and cut into cubes, before being stamped and dried for a minimum of 9 months.


Since the soap is free from artificial ingredients, people like myself who suffer from dry skin from time to time can use it daily and find it beneficial, since it can also calm inflammation, irritation and redness.

Can I also add that the scent is incredible subtle and beautiful, so nice and fresh.




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