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Little dreams of Change

Isn’t it weird how often we all feel like our place is the only place on earth. Our office, our home, our grocery, our beach, our cinema, our bank, even our problems and thoughts seem like the only ones around. Very often we get stuck in the same pace of life wanting it or not, and to change seems like the biggest challenge ever faced. Start by dreaming, then add little changes bit by bit. Try not to get stuck. Try looking at other people around you. Travel to new places. Change is good even though it feels scary at first. The world, including yourself, is so much bigger than you can imagine. Don’t ever feel like your office cubicle is everything. Not even your problems. Even when you feel at peace, and happy, small changes are still positive, just to make sure you are moving, always moving.


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Silicea Hair Skin & Nails

Silicea is one of the few brands I can really recommend for your hair, nails and skin. Last time I was in Sweden I picked up a different type, which was a bottle of gel instead of the capsules I normally buy. This gel is meant to have a positive effect on your stomach (to calm and make it less bloated) and I’m not sure if my gluten/lactose free diet is the sole reason but it feels good so I continue thinking Silicea has something to do with it.

The capsules are definitely helping the hair, nails and skin to improve and get stronger so it’s worth a try if you suffer from weak nails and lifeless hair.