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Glammed Up or Down

by Lenah


Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing. …” – Alexander Wang


One thing that always fascinates me, always have and always will, is when people make a daily effort to look their best; full blown make-up and heels even if it’s just a Tuesday at the office. In fact, when they attend a wedding or event, you don’t see much of a difference, they basically just look like themselves, all glammed up. Then we have the other type who show up at the office, the airport or at the supermarket in the middle of the week and wear nothing but tights, sneaks and no make-up, hair is up in a bun and casual is written all over them. Once they go out for a party or dinner though –  they totally transform, and in your head you’re like, Oh. Ok.

I think I have to place myself somewhere in the middle 🙂 I rarely go out with no make-up at all, whatever occasion or day of the week – there’s always mascara and lipgloss, if nothing else. Then again I don’t wear a lot more when going out for dinners either. I guess the difference lies in the heels and accessories.

What’s your daily style? Do you dress differently if you have a day off, or office vs dinner party?

Hoops, heels and clutch any day of the week maybe.



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