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Guide to Skin Care Routine

by Lenah

This is a guide to a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly skincare routine. Whatever your skin type is – following through with these points in mind will surely bring out the best version of YOU. I know we all have moments of ‘Ok, this is me at my best’, or the somewhat familiar, ‘This is me at a low point’, so just keep in mind there’s no such thing as Perfect, but you can always strive to be your best version of yourself.

Please note that these are general guidelines; simply a little reminder of when and in which order to use your products.



  • Cleanser – Double cleanse. Start with an oil-based product to remove the night products and oil/sweat/dirt build-up, and follow up with a water-based cleanser to get rid of residues.
  • Toner – To balance your skin’s pH, which is at its best at 5.5. Once pH is at its most optimal level, it will prepare the skin for the other products.
  • Treatment/Serum – This is where you should prep your skin for the day ahead with a powerful antioxidant. The free radicals trying to attack the skin cells from left, right and center should not stand a chance when your skin is guarded by an antioxidant treatment. Chaga is a good example of this.
  • Eye cream – Pick a cream based on your skin type
  • Moisturizer – Pick a cream based on your skin type. Ideally one that contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate.
  • SPF – It’s important to use a specific, separate SPF cream and not a combined day cream / SPF. A day cream moisturizer is there to sink into the skin and hydrate, while the SPF is supposed to remain on the surface to act as a shield.


  • Cleanser – Just like in the morning, a double cleanse is always a good idea. Even if you don’t wear make-up. Start with an oil-based cleanser and follow up with a water-based. If you have sensitive skin around your eyes, use a specific make-up remover for eyes and do not rub too much.
  • Toner – See above
  • Treatment/Serum – This is where you put aside the antioxidant, its job is done for today. Now it’s time for a Retinol product. Find one suitable for your skin type, or the issue you wish to tackle. There are retinol products available for all skin types – from oily to dry. If however you find that Retinol products are too strong or irritates your skin, consider trying a Peptide product. Peptides support naturally occurring peptides in your skin like collagen, elastin and keratin, and such products can be used both AM and PM.
  • Eye cream – See above
  • Moisturizer – See above



  • Once or twice weekly use a good quality peel. Exfoliating helps shed old skin cells and promote a healthy, brighter complexion. It’s a great way to tackle uneven skin tone, blocked pores and wrinkles. If you’re not used to the acid peels, start off with a thin layer and leave on for a maximum of 1 minute. Once skin becomes more tolerant, leave it on for a bit longer.
  • Face mask – Again, once or twice weekly use a mask to cleanse and hydrate. A calming mask after a peel is a great way to combine the two treatments.
  • Wash all your brushes and tools, your bed linen, mobile phone (cover). Basically, anything that comes in direct contact with your face on a daily basis.


  • Deep cleansing and hydrating facial treatment. Tell your beautician about any skin concerns, and keep in mind that your skin is changing with the seasons, so you may change the facial according to how you feel your skin at the time.
  • Check expiry date on all your make-up and skin care products and bin whatever is outdated. Usually most products are good for 12 months after opening.

Remember – it all sounds like a lot of time and products, and yes, maybe it will take longer than a few minutes, but it’s really a matter of deciding to take this moment for yourself. Even if you have to set the alarm 5 minutes earlier than planned. I like to light a scented candle and just allow some me time.

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